• PNG Optimizer
  • PNG Optimizer

    Removes unnecessary PNG chunks and losslessly reduces the file size

    The PNG image format allows for information that is not nesaccerily relevant to the image itself. For example, some textual information might be stored in the iTXt, tEXt, and zTXt chunks. However, these text chunks do not define the image itself and can be safely deleted, and thus to reduce the file size.

    For more information about PNG chunks, read PNG Specification, Version 1.2

    PNG Optimizer removes all unnecessary chunks to reduce the image size without affecting the image quality.


    Keep the original image quality. You don't have to compromise!

    Real Lossless : PNG Optimizer will not affect your image equality. All it takes out is just unnecessary metadata.

    Cross Platfrom : Linux, Windows, Mac OS X... You can run it anywhere you'd like.

    Super Fast : Written in c++. Optimized algorithm. Fast and simple!

    Open Source : You are free to modify the program to suit your own need.


    You can download PNG Optimizer for the following platforms


    PNG Optimizer is open source under the MIT License